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The Rank of The Sahabah



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A masterpiece by the former grand Mufti of Pakistan, Mufti Muhammad Shafi Uthmani. The author has discussed the position of history in Islam, its importance, the narrations regarding the differences that existed among the Companions (sahabah) and what the stance of a true believer should be. He concludes with an earnest appeal to every person to understand and affirm faith in the lofty rank of the Companions. English translation by Abdullah Moolla, Madrasah Arabic Islamia, Azadville, South Africa.  

Cover Paperback
Author Mufti Muhammad Shafi
Translator Ml Abdullah Moolla
Publisher Zam Zam Publishers
Pages 126
Size 21.2 x 14cm
Item Weight 175g
Item Category Beliefs

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The Rank of The Sahabah

The Rank of The Sahabah

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