COVID Opening Regulations


Alhamdulillah, with the slight easing of lockdown regulations and restrictions here in the UK along with the go-ahead to re-open non-essential retail stores, we are pleased to announce that are Warehouse will once again re-open to the public on Wednesday 17th June inshaAllah. This is a couple of days late, to allow us to ensure our Warehouse is ready for public use. 

In order for us to ensure maximum safety for you and for our staff, we are imposing the following rules, which must be strictly adhered to. If these rules are not complied with, we will ask you to leave our premises. I have a duty to protect the wellbeing of our staff and other customers, therefore, these will be dealt with on a no-tolerance basis.

  1. Our Warehouse will be open to the public Monday - Friday from 10am - 3pm only. We will remain closed on weekends and operate on these limited timings until further notice. 
  2. Customers travelling by car to our Warehouse should park their cars in the Customer Car Park (located between houses 88 and 90 on Little Ilford Lane, E12 5PN) and then walk around to the Delivery Entrance at 54-68 Little Ilford Lane (E12 5QA). Entrance will only be permitted from here.
  3. We request that you inform us in advance if possible, where you are planning to visit our Warehouse.
  4. When queuing to come into the Warehouse and to pay for your items, the 2m social distancing rules will need to be adhered to.
  5. Upon entering the Warehouse, you will need to sanitise your hands using the hand sanitisation points. 
  6. There is a strict one way system in place in the Warehouse, which has been clearly laid out. 
  7. We encourage all customers to wear gloves and face masks when on our premises.
  8. You will not be allowed to try on or touch any clothing items or any Musallah's/Prayer Mats etc. For help with these, please ask a member of staff for their support. 
  9. There will be strictly no customer access to the:
      • Toilet/Whudu Facilities
      • Salaah Facilities
      • Office Areas unless by prior appointment agreed with myself. 
  10. Please ensure you remain 2m away from all other customers and staff members at all times. 
  11. You must leave from the back exit which leads into the Customer Car Park. 
  12. If you or others with you have any flu symptoms, including a cough or high temperature, then please do not enter the warehouse premises.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do get in touch with us via email or by calling us on +44 (0)208 911 9797


Azhar Academy Ltd stocks a wide range of books. Please note that the opinions expressed in these books, are not necessarily representative of the opinions of the business or its staff. In the event any books containing material which is inconsistent with British values, then please inform us so that we can take necessary immediate action to address this. Thanking you.