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Negligence With Urine - A Major Sin



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Urine is from amongst those impurities that the shari'ah has declared ritually impure. Therefore, to safeguard oneself from droplets of urine and dirty water from the toilet bowl holds great significance in Islam.

Living in times where the vast majority of Muslims (male and female) have neglected Islamic teachings of cleanliness, this book serves as a reminder about the grave consequences of such negligence.

Combining years of pastoral work with teachings from the Holy Qur'an, hadiths and fatwas, this is a unique book which covers all important aspects related to this impurity in a most precise yet simple manner. A must for all Masjids, Islamic institutions' syllabi and homes.

Includes forwords by Mufti Shabbir Ahmed (Darul Uloom Bury), Mufti Ikramul-Haq & Mufti Abdus Samad (Darul Uloom Blackburn), and Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat.

The author, Mufti Muhammad Faruq is a senior lecturer at Jamiatul-Ilm Wal Huda (Blackburn).

Cover Paperback
Author Mufti Muhammad Faruq
Publisher Azhar Academy Ltd
Pages 79
Size 21 x 13cm
Item Weight 155g
Item Category Fiqh-usul-al-fiqh

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Negligence With Urine - A Major Sin

Negligence With Urine - A Major Sin

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