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Athar al-Sunan (Arabic)

With Al-Ta'liq al-Hasan

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This edition includes the authors own commentary of the book, Al-Ta'liq al-Hasan.

Computer composed, 2-colour print. 2013 edition.

In this important work the author relates fiqh judgments, particularly those of the Hanafi madhhab, to the hadith and traditions, scrutinising each for what the great scholars have said about the strength or weakness of its chain of transmission. The book was to have dealt with all of chapters of fiqh, but sadly the Shaykh only completed the book on purification and the prayer.

Concerning this book the author, Muhammad ibn Ali an-Nimawi said, "This is a collection of hadiths, traditions, a collection of narrations and tidings which I have chosen from the Sahih, Sunan, Mujam and Musnad collections. I have mentioned the source of each hadith but refrained from mentioning the complete chain of transmission for fear of lengthening the work.

I have elaborated on the status of ahadith that are not from the two sahih collections (i.e. al-Bukhari and Muslim) in a satisfactory manner and have named the book Athar as-Sunan (The traditions of the Sunnahs) while simultaneously asking Allah for His decision.

May Allah make this work purely for His Face and a means of meeting Him in the Gardens of Bliss.''
This book is extraordinarily timely especially as this age is dominated by matters concerning the prayer. It establishes the basis in the hadith literature for the Hanafi practices and clarifies issues concerning the prayer in general.'

Cover Hardback
Author 'Allamah Muhammad ibn 'Ali al-Nimawi
Publisher Maktabah al-Bushra
Pages 352
Size 25 x 18.7cm
Item Weight 655g
Item Category Hadith-usul-al-hadith

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Athar al-Sunan (Arabic)

Athar al-Sunan (Arabic)

With Al-Ta'liq al-Hasan

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