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Scribe [Arabic Handwriting Book]

Mastering the art of Arabic handwriting

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The Insider Secrets of Beautiful Arabic Handwriting

Have you ever wished you had beautiful Arabic handwriting? Or that your child could write in Arabic and strengthen their bond with the language of the Quran?

With Scribe you can learn how to write Arabic in a simple and fun way. Here’s how:

  • Scribe is a graded level book that has levels as you progress through the book from beginner level (with just writing letters) to advanced (writing full paragraphs).

  • Letters are 'scaffolded' giving you precision guidance on getting the right shapes, curves and lengths.

  • As you advance through the book, the size of the letters get smaller and the letters develop into words and then sentences.
  • It’s the perfect book for beginners and those who are more advanced too.
  • The book has a landscape layout so that it is easy to write in.
  • The text style is non-calligraphy so that it can be used with normal everyday pens, so you don't need anything fancy to get started.

 Scribe has helped thousands of children and adults improve their Arabic handwriting both at madrasahs and at home. Scribe contains 44 pages and measures 29cm by 19cm.

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Cover Paperback
Publisher Learning Roots
Pages 44
Size 18.9 x 28.9cm
Item Weight 155g
Item Category Kids

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Scribe [Arabic Handwriting Book]

Scribe [Arabic Handwriting Book]

Mastering the art of Arabic handwriting

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