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Arabic - A Step By Step Guide


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Publishers description:

This book is aimed at beginners who wish to learn the Arabic language. This part of the series covers the basics of al-Jumlah al-Ismiyyah

Here are some important points about this book

1. This book has been prepared especially for English speaking students; hence, there are many areas where special explanation has been given to help in translation.

2. One of the main points kept in mind whilst preparing the book was to ensure that there are enough exercises to assist the student.

3. The vocabulary consists of words from the Quran as well as commonly used words in modern standard Arabic. The vocab used has been repeated throughout the book to make it easier to memorize.

4. Even though Arabic grammar rules are discussed, details which may cause confusion to a beginner have been avoided.

5. Simple rules which may cause confusion have been explained and reinforced via exercises.

6. We have used English grammar terms along with the Arabic where there is a common English term. However, where the function is unique to Arabic we have just used the Arabic term

7. Revision lessons have been included to assist in recapping and reinforcing learnt subjects.

8. Spelling tests, words searches etc. have been added to make learning vocabulary more enjoyable.

9. At the end of the book there is a supplement of Quranic verses, Ahadith and Arabic proverbs.

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Cover Paperback
Author Hashim Muhammad
Publisher Al-Qalam Publications
Size 29.7 x 21.1cm
Item Weight 255g
Item Category Language

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Arabic - A Step By Step Guide

Arabic - A Step By Step Guide

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