Imam Abu Hanifa (RA)

A translation of the work by Maulana Makbool Ahmed Suhaarwi. A history of the great Imam of Jurisprudence. Explaining his zeal for knowledge, his meeting the Sahabah (RH), respect for his teachers, his business methods, piety, wit and brilliance elucidated. 

Imam Malik bin Anas (RA)

This is a translation of the works by Maulana Makbool Ahmed Suhaarwi. This book explains the importance of Ahaadith, the history, character, personality, piety, brilliance and activities of the great Imam of Jurisprudence.

Imam Muhammad bin Idris Shaafi (RA)

A translation of the work by Maulana Makbool Ahmed Suhaarwi. Imam's history explaines; the methods and etiquettes of Hadith lessons. His movement of poverty to richness amongst others are considered.

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

This work explains the splendid history of the great Imam, his piety, acquisition of knowledge, and steadfastness in truth.


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Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
Mustafah Publishers
21 x 14cm
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