Quran by Shaikh Mishary Al Afasy, more reciters coming soon. Now offering the option to have the full quran with the English translation. You can choose before placing an order. You will soon be able to choose from multiple reciters but please note that the quality of the audio varies, the highest quality is Shaikh Mishary Al Afasy. For the Quran students & Hifz students we have now added a page by page full Quran now available, you can choose from the reciters list.

Gift the Quran to a fellow muslim with these amazing full Qur'an AirPods or gift them to someone who is becoming Hafidh. The full Quran by Shaikh Mishary Al Afasy, what can be better than listening to the Qur'an on the go? The product has many features, you may also use the AirPods with a smartphone or a external Bluetooth speaker, you can listen with the pods or use the built in MP3 function to play Quran on a external speaker. Calorie & step counter for all you healthy people out there.

Link to audio files

Bluetooth MP3 2-in-1

* Bluetooth V5.0, Distance ≧10m

* Touch button design

* Speaker: 10mm

* Auto pairing with Bluetooth MP3 player, AirPods can also be used with smartphone

* Battery: 45mAh, 3-4 hours music, 4 hours calling

* Recharging time: 1 hour

Bluetooth MP3 Player:

* Dimension: 58.5mm*47.5mm*24.6mm, Weight 53g (with AirPods)

* Display: 1.3" IPS panel, 240*240 in resolution

* Audio formats: MP3/WMA: 32Kbps-320Kbps, WAV: 16Kbps~1304Kbps, APE/FLAC: max 16bit/48KHz, 512~1536Kbps

*  Bluetooth V4.0, auto pairing with AirPods, can also be used with other AirPods or Bluetooth speaker

* Pedometer: Step/Calorie counter function supported

* Voice recorder, Format: WAV

* Supports photos: JPG, BMP & Ebooks: TXT

* Memory: Built-in 8GB, no SD Card supported

* Power: 720mAh rechargeable battery, 5-6 times recharge for the earbuds

* Type-C USB interface: recharging & data transfer

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