Brand: Equantu

Model: SQ917

Product name: Desk lamp azan clock quran player

Function: Complete Quran and surah ayat fast select 

One-click location Azan reminder time around the world

16 translations and 16 reciters

High performance audio output 5W loud speaker 

Quran Ayah by Ayah word by word recitation

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Hisnul Muslim, Salat Method *Sahih Al-Muslim, Hajj&Umrah, Al-Ruqyah

Complete Tafseer Sharavi audio, 40Hadiths

Hot Key MP3(Yaseen, Ayatul Kursi, Ruqiya)

Rechargeable Li-battery (USB Charging)

Sleep mode (speaker switch off after 30/60/90 mins) 

Clap lamp top to choose light brightness

Color: 7 Changeable colorful lights

Support:Touch,remote and bluetooth phone application control

Battery Li-ion:3.7V  2000mAh

Working time :More than 4.5 hours

Bluetooth/remote control distance:10-15m

Memory: 8G

Single package size: 150*150*230mm

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