Book for new Muslims

From South Africa to South America and beyond, culminating tireless efforts focused on transforming the lives of revert and existing Muslims, we bring this monumental work to You and say:
'Ahlan Wa Sahlan
Welcome To Islam
Welcome To Love And Guidance'


This book - Ahlan Wa Sahlan - is focused on welcoming our new Muslim brothers and sisters, in their first days as Muslims, to the recognition of Allah and practical Islam. It features a well-crafted syllabus sequenced in order of importance and necessity for the new Muslim; an in-depth study of which would sufficiently empower any new Muslim to confidently practice Islam. Ahlan Wa Sahlan is also designed for existing Muslims, to refresh and fortify the values and essentials of Islam. Ahlan Wa Sahlan is therefore a must-have for just about anyone conversant with the English language.

About the Author: Shaykh Yusuf Bhikhoo has dedicated himself to da'wah ever since completing his tertiary Islamic studies in the early 90's. Shaykh Yusuf is currently a director and coordinator of a range of Islamic Institutes in South Africa and South America.

Published by: Madrasah Al Muhajireen Wal Ansaar (Noorul Huda)

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