Many Muslims have things in common with each other without even realising it. They all pray at the same time, make pilgrimages to the same place, perform similar ritual worship and quite often, battle common spiritual ailments. In fact, many of us find ourselves in identical situations at different points of our life. The difference is in the way we handle ourselves and the scenes we find ourselves in.

Abdus Subhan Dalvi, author of the series 'When Desire Takes Over', discusses various issues that present themselves to Muslims throughout their lives from matters pertaining to parenting to conflicts at work. Thereafter, he offers various practical solutions and remedies to such situations.

"It is always nice to read about contemporary issues and having scholars who are in touch with the community, who work in the community and benefit the community. I pray to Allah that He accepts this work and gives Shaykh Abdus Subhan even more barakah in his knowledge and the ability to be a means of guidance for the coming generations."

Shaykh Ebrahim Noor. Coventry


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Abdus Subhan Dalvi
Azhar Academy Ltd
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