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The Virtue of Good Character and Sincerity



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We learn from the study of history that in the spread of Islam, purity of character, simplicity of social conduct and straight dealings played a greater role, as compared to the four outward forms of worship. This is despite the fact that these forms of worship play a special role in the acquisition of these characteristics and qualities. However, it is cause for regret that according to people nowadays, the sign of religiousness is confined to Salah and fasting only, and the above mentioned aspects with regards to the self of a person and the creation has become so weak that it seems as though it is the greatest barrier in the spread of Islam.

In this treatise, light has been thrown on this subject, encapsulating Qur'anic verses, Ahadith and Stories. The subject matter has been drawn only from the works of Shaykh ul Hadith Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya.

Cover Paperback
Author Shaykh Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya
Translator Mufti Abdullah Moola
Publisher Madrasah Arabia Islamia & Zam Zam Publishers
Pages 63
Size 21 x 13.8cm
Item Weight 105g
Item Category Tazkiyah-spirituality

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The Virtue of Good Character and Sincerity

The Virtue of Good Character and Sincerity

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