The Rawdah fragrance is inspired by the spiritual scents of the Rawdah, which our Prophet (saw) mentioned to be a garden from the Gardens of Paradise.

Pilgrims during their visit to the Prophet’s Mosque are keen to visit the Rawdah during their pilgrimage and umrah visits. Rawdah means a clean garden, a place located between the Prophet and Aisha’s house, peace be upon them, and between the Prophet’s Minbar (or pulpit). The total area of Rawdah is approximately 397.5 square meters.

Our Prophet (saw) said: “Between my house and my pulpit there is a garden of the gardens of Paradise.” (Bukhari, Fadlu’s-Salat. 6)

Using the product on prayer rugs allows you to smell this beautiful scent every time you prostrate in your prayers.

Inspired by these exceptional scents the fragrance of Rawdah is completely alcohol free. This fabric freshener product has a long-lasting effect (4-5 days) on fabrics and upholstery surfaces. It can be a very different and unforgettable gift for your loved ones.

Special room fragrance for your room and mosque, spray concentrate special essence, special design fragrance. The fragrance does not leave stains on the fabric and upholstery surfaces after use. It has been formulated to continue its effect for days.

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