Masail Al Qudoori Made Easy - In Question - Answer Format (Complete)

Mufti Ashiq Ilahi's simple and lucid commentary of Mukhtasar al-Quduri in question and answer format, Tashil al-Zaruri li Masa'il al-Quduri, rendered into English. This commentary also includes explanatory notes where the author considered it necessary.

Detailing about 12,500 legal questions and taught in seminaries across the world, Imam 'Abd al-Husayn Ahmad ibn Abi Bakr al-Quduri's Mukhtasar al-Quduri is one of the mainstays of the Hanafi school of law. It covers a whole spectrum of law, including worship, financial transactions, personal relations and judicial law.

English translation by Mufti Afzal Hossen Elias

Mufti Ashiq Ilahi al-Barni was a prominent writer and eminent scholar of fiqh, hadith and tafsir from the Indian Subcontinent. He authored a number of well received books, including the ever-popular Zad al-Talibin. He was a disciple of the hadith scholar Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya. He migrated to the blessed city of Madinah where he spent the last 25 years of his life. He lays buried in the cemetary of al-Baqi'.

Author of Mukhtasar al-Quduri: He is Abul-Hasan Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Ja`far ibn Hamdan al-Quduri al-Baghdadi, the Hanafi jurist, born 362 AH.   

Abul-Hasan al-Quduri took his knowledge of fiqh from Abu `Abdillah Muhammad ibn al-Jurjani, a student of Abu Bakr al-Jassas al-Razi. He attained hadith from various teachers, most famous amongst them al-Khatib al-Baghdadi.  

He was among the ashab al-Tarjih (those who weighed and analyzed the strengths of differing verdicts in the Hanafi school of fiqh).  The leadership of the Hanafis in ` Iraq came to rest with him, and his renown rose.  His mention recurs in the well-known Hanafi books al-Hidayah and al-Khulasah. He died on 15th Rajab 428 AH in Baghdad, and was buried in his home, but was later transported and buried beside Abu Bakr al-Khawarizmi, another Hanafi jurist.  

He authored:   al-Mukhtasar, the fiqh summary bearing his name. Sharh Mukhtasar al-Karkhi al-Tajrid, in seven volumes, encompassing the disagreed issues between the Hanafis and Shafi`is. al-Taqrib, also in issues of disagreement, a summary which he compiled for his son.   


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