The learning of the rules of Zakat is important as every Muslim knows. It is also equally important to learn how to calculate Zakat so that the things on which Zakat is compulsory is calculated properly, so that the correct amount of money is passed on to the poor. 

Many people give Zakat but do not know how to calculate Zakat. They give money to the poor and needy and think it is sufficient to give any amount of money and the duty will be fulfilled. However, this is not correct as there is a risk of giving less Zakat.

Zakat must be calculated correctly and given in a proper manner which has been set by the laws of Islam. What this book does, is teach children how to calculate Zakat in a simple way which is a practical method for small children to learn about Zakat. 

There are different levels in the book; it starts from the easy level and goes on to the higher level. After each level, questions have been set for children to answer. The answers to the questions have been written at the back of the book.

After practically learning the calculation of Zakat, this book will create love with the poor and needy and encourage small children to given Zakat when they grow up inshaAllah!

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Hafiz Abdur-Rahman Ibn Mufti Muhammad Faruq (Blackburn)
Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda
24 x 17.1cm
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