Heroes of Al-Aqsa

Heroes of Al-Aqsa is a series of books that celebrates the lives of several Sahabah (companions of the Prophet) who contributed to the liberation of Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa. 

The series includes the commitment of the Sahabahs: Umar ibn Khattab, Khalid ibn Waleed, Bilal ibn Rabaah, Nusaybah bint Ka’ba, Dhirar and Khawlah.

It aims to inspire young individuals with the contribution of the Sahabah, and educate them on the importance of Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa.


Umar ibn Khattab

Umar ibn Khattab was one of the closest companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was also the second Caliph (leader of the Muslims).

Umar, one of the most outstanding world leaders, is also famous for offering a peace treaty that called for respecting people of all faiths in Jerusalem.

Age 7+

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