A unique book prividing a wealth of information about cupping both from medical and Shariah points of view. Practical guidance from three medical doctors who learnt it from experts and have performed it on thosands of patients. They are Dr. Amjad Ahsan Ali, Dar. Asad Ahmad Khan, and Dr. Saad Ahmed Khan.

Now Includes list of male and female Hijama Therapists worldwide


Hijama (cupping) is a very important part of the Prophetic medicine that has been used for centures for treating a wide range of ailments. This book contains a collection of Prophetic statements describing the merits of this procedure. The main compiler Dr. Amjad Ahsan Ali, a former dean of faculty of medicine in Liaquat National Hospital Karachi, provides practical guidance and suggests Hijama locations for treatment of 99 specific conditions through drawings. Beautiful two-color printing.


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Maktab al-Bushra
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